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Author-Title Listing (March 2008)

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A Dad named Bill Daddy, I'm pregnant
Aaseng, Nate At left linebacker, Chip Demory
Abanes, Richard Embraced by the light and the Bible
Adams, Jay E. Christian living in the home
Adams, Jay E. Competent to counsel
Adkins, Mike A man called Norman
Adventures in Odyssey A fine feathered frenzy
Adventures in Odyssey A flight to the finish
Adventures in Odyssey Once upon an avalanche
Adventures in Odyssey A twist in time
Aiken, Ginny Light of my heart
Aiken, Ginny Song of my soul
Aiken, Ginny Spring of my love
Albrektson, Arvid H. Tariro
Aldrich, Joseph C. Life-style evangelism
Aldridge, Betty You can teach preschoolers successfully
Alexander, Hannah Hideaway
Alexander, Hannah Sacred trust
Alexander, Hannah Silent pledge
Alexander, Hannah Solemn oath
Alig, Ruth The new mothers guide
Alleine, Joseph An alarm to the unconverted
Allen, Charles L. The miracle of love
Anderson, Ann Kiemel And with the gift came laughter
Anderson, Ann Kiemel I gave God time
Anderson, Ann Kiemel Struggling for wholeness
Anderson, Bruce L. The price of a perfect baby
Anderson, J. Kerby Life, death and beyond
Anderson, Ken Shadows under the midnight sun
Anderson, Lynn Finding the heart to go on
Anderson, Neil T. The seduction of our children
Anderson, Robert Forgotten truths
Anderson, Robert The gospel and its ministry
Anderson, Robert The Lord from heaven
Anderson, Robert Redemption truths
Anderson, Robert The silence of God
Andrew, Brother The ethics of smuggling
Andrew, Brother God's smuggler
Andrews, Gini Your half of the apple
Ankerberg, John Protestants and Catholics: do they now agre
Anonymous The kneeling Christian
Arana, Nikki As I have loved you
Arana, Nikki The fragrance of roses
Arana, Nikki Shade of the jacaranda
Arana, Nikki The winds of Sonoma
Archer, Gleason Old Testament quotations in the New Testame
Arn, Win The master's plan for making disciples
Arndt, Elise A mother's touch
Arndt, William Does the Bible contradict itself?
Arnold, Francena H. Not my will
Arp, David 52 dates for you and your mate
Arthur, Kay His imprint my expression
Arthur, Kay Israel, my beloved
Arthur, Kay Lord, I want to know you
Arthur, Kay A marriage without regrets
Arthur, Randall Betrayal
Arthur, Randall Wisdom hunter
Ashcraft, Nancy At the scent of water
Ashcroft, Mary Ellen Temptations women face
Ashwin, James God's mountain
Augsburger, David Caring enough to confront
Augsburger, David The freedom of forgiveness
Austin, Lynn Among the gods
Austin, Lynn Candle in the darkness
Austin, Lynn Faith of my fathers
Austin, Lynn Fire by night
Austin, Lynn Gods and kings
Austin, Lynn Hidden places
Austin, Lynn A light to my path
Austin, Lynn Song of redemption
Austin, Lynn Strength of his hand
Bacher, June Masters Diary of a loving heart
Bacher, June Masters Dreams beyond tomorrow
Bacher, June Masters Journey to love
Bacher, June Masters Love is a gentle stranger
Bacher, June Masters Love's beautiful dream
Bacher, June Masters Love's enduring hope
Bacher, June Masters Love's silent song
Bacher, June Masters Love's soft whisper
Bacher, June Masters My heart's desire
Bacher, June Masters Seasons of love
Backus, William Telling yourself the truth
Baer, Judy Double danger
Baer, Judy Faded dreams
Baer, Judy Price of silence
Baer, Judy Risky assignment
Baer, Judy Sarah's dilemma
Baer, Judy Undercover artists
Bailey, Faith Coxe Adoniram Judson
Bailey, Faith Coxe D. L. Moody
Bajema, Clifford E. Abortion and the meaning of personhood
Baker, Don Acceptance: loosing the webs of personal in
Baker, Don Beyond forgiveness
Baker, William H. On capital punishment
Balchin, John The compact survey of the Bible
Ball, Barbara Coffee talk
Ball, Karen A test of faith
Ballman, Ray E. The how and why of home schooling
Ballman, Swanee The very first Lord's supper
Balsiger, Dave In search of Noah's ark
Balswick, Jack Why I can't say I love you
Bambola, Sylvia Refiner's fire
Barber, Cyril J. You can have a happy marriage
Barclay, William The acts of the apostles
Barclay, William The gospel of John, vol. 1
Barclay, William The gospel of Luke
Barclay, William The gospel of Mark
Barclay, William The letters of James and Peter
Barclift, Betty Stormy fall
Barfield, Velma Woman on death row
Barnes, Emilie The creative home organizer
Barnes, Emilie 15 minutes of peace with God
Barnes, Emily Survival for busy women
Barnes, Robert G. Who's in charge here?
Barrett, Eric Ruth Petrovna, reaching Russians
Barrett, Ethel God and a boy named Joe
Barrett, Ethel If I had a wish...
Barrett, Ethel I'm no hero
Barrett, Ethel The people who couldn't be stopped
Barrett, Ethel Rules, who needs them?
Barrett, Ethel "The strangest thing happened...
Barrett, Ethel Which way to Nineveh?
Barrows, Cliff Dramatized New Testament
Barton, Jon Schools on fire
Baucom, John A. Fatal choice
Baxter, Ern Secular humanism: man striving to be God
Bayly, Joseph The Gospel blimp and other parables
Bayly, Joseph I love Sunday School
Bayly, Joseph The last thing we talk about
Bayly, Joseph Winterflight
Beck, Susan Elizabeth God loves me Bible
Beers, V. Gilbert The ABQ book
Beers, V. Gilbert Around the world with my red balloon
Beers, V. Gilbert Cats and bats and things like that
Beers, V. Gilbert Coco's candy shop
Beers, V. Gilbert Helping hands
Beers, V. Gilbert The house in the hole in the side of the tr
Beers, V. Gilbert The magic merry-go-round
Beers, V. Gilbert More little talks about God and you
Beers, V. Gilbert The toddlers Bible Easter book
Beers, V. Gilbert Under the tagalong tree
Beeson, Ray The hidden price of greatness
Belben, Howard The mission of Jesus
Bell, James Scott Breach of promise
Bell, James Scott A certain truth
Bell, James Scott Glimpses of paradise
Bell, James Scott A greater glory
Bell, James Scott A higher justice
Bell, Sallie Lee The snare
Bell, Steve Coming back
Benge, Janet Gladys Aylward, the adventure of a lifetime
Benge, Janet Gladys Aylward, the adventure of a lifetime
Benson, Clarence H. Old Testament survey: poetry and prophecy
Benson, Clarence H. The triune God
Benson, John L. Revelation, the grand finale of history
Benson, John L. The showdown that will rock the world
Benson, John L. Who is the antichrist?
Bergey, Alyce The beggar's greatest wish
Berry, Harold J. What they believe
Bettenson, Henry Documents of the Christian Church
Bickel, Bruce Bruce and Stan's guide to how it all began
Billheimer, Paul E. Destined for the throne
Billheimer, Paul E. Don't waste your sorrows
Billheimer, Paul E. Love covers
Billingsley, Lloyd The generation that knew not Josef
Bisagno, John The power of positive praying
Blackstock, Terri Blind trust
Blackstock, Terri Cape Refuge
Blackstock, Terri Emerald windows
Blackstock, Terri Seaside
Blackwell, Lawana Catherine's heart
Blackwell, Lawana Leading lady
Blackwell, Lawana The maiden of Mayfair
Blackwell, Lawana A table by the window
Blair, J. Allen The epistles of John
Blair, J. Allen Living reliantly
Blanchard, Charles A. Getting things from God
Blanchard, John Right with God
Blankenbaker, Frances What the Bible is all about for young explo
Bly, Stephen How to be a good mom
Bly, Stephen The secret of the old rifle
Boa, Ken I'm glad you asked
Bockelman, Wilfred Gothard: the man and his ministry
Boehm, Ron If God has a plan for my life, why can't I
Boice, James Montgomery Awakening to God
Boice, James Montgomery God and history
Boice, James Montgomery God the redeemer
Boice, James Montgomery The minor prophets
Boice, James Montgomery The sovereign God
Boltz, Ray The concert of a lifetime
Bomer, Norm Willow
Boone, Shirley The honeymoon is over
Boreham, F. W. The heavenly octave
Borntrager, Mary C. Ellie
Bosshardt, Alfred The guiding hand
Botts, Timothy R. Doorposts
Bounds, E. M. The complete works of E. M. Bounds on praye
Bounds, E. M. Obtaining answers to prayer
Bounds, E. M. Power through prayer
Bowers, Joyce, M. ed. Raising resilient MKs
Bowman, Crystal Jonathan James says "I can be brave"
Bowman, Crystal Jonathan James says "I can help"
Bowman, Crystal Jonathan James says "Let's be friends"
Bowman, Crystal Jonathan James says "Let's play ball"
Boyce, James Petigru Abstract of systematic theology
Brainerd, David The life of David Brainerd
Brand, Paul Fearfully and wonderfully made
Brandt, Henry The struggle for inner peace
Bransford, Stephen High places
Breese, Dave Know the marks of cults
Brem, M. M. Mary's story
Bremkamp, Gloria Howe Martha and Mary of Bethany
Bremkamp, Gloria Howe Merari
Bremkamp, Gloria Howe Rahab
Brestin, Dee The friendships of women
Bridges, Jerry The pursuit of holiness
Bridges, Jerry Trusting God
Bridgland, Cyril Pocket guide to the Bible
Bright, Bill The Holy Spirit
Bright, Vonette A place to belong
Bright, Vonette Round the corner
Bright, Vonette The sister circle
Bright, Vonette An undivided heart
Briner, Bob Roaring lambs
Briscoe, D. Stuart Getting into God
Briscoe, D. Stuart Let's get moving
Briscoe, D. Stuart Patterns for power
Briscoe, D. Stuart When the going gets tough
Briscoe, Jill Harrow sparrow
Briscoe, Stuart How to be a motivated Christian
Briscoe, Stuart What works when life doesn't
Brooks, Patricia O. The return of the Puritans
Brouwer, Sigmund The lives of all saints
Brown, Don Five practical lessons in song leading
Brown, Joan Winmill If love be ours
Brown, Joan Winmill Love's tender voyage
Brown, Raymond Let's read the Old Testament
Brown, Steve Approaching God
Brownback, Paul The danger of self-love
Brubaker, J. Omar Understanding people
Bruce, F. F. In retrospect: remembrance of things past
Bruce, F. F. The New Testament documents, are they relia
Bruce, F. F. New Testament history
Bryant, David In the gap
Bubeck, Mark I. The adversary
Bubeck, Mark I. Overcoming the adversary
Buchanan, Mark The holy wild
Buhler, Rich Pain and pretending
Bulle, Florence "God wants you rich" and other enticing doc
Bullock, C. Hassell An introduction to the Old Testament poetic
Bundy, Ted Fatal addiction
Bunn, Davis Elixir
Bunn, T. Davis Florian's gate
Bunn, T. Davis The maestro
Bunn, T. Davis Promises to keep
Bunn, T. Davis The solitary envoy
Bunyan, John The pilgrim's progress
Bunyan, John The pilgrim's progress
Burgess, Alan The small woman
Burkett, Larry Answers to your family's financial question
Burkett, Larry The coming economic earthquake
Burkett, Larry The complete financial guide for young coup
Burkett, Larry The illuminati
Burkett, Larry Investing for the future
Burkett, Larry Preparing for retirement
Burkett, Larry Surviving the 90's economy
Burkett, Larry The Thor conspiracy
Burkett, Larry Using your money wisely
Burkett, Larry What if I owned everything?
Burkett, Larry Whatever happened to the American dream
Burkett, Larry Your finances in changing times
Burnham, Gracia In the presence of my enemies
Burns, Elizabeth The late Liz
Burns, Jim The youth worker's book of case studies
Bustanoby, Andre Being a success at who you are
Buswell, J. Oliver A systematic theology of the Christian reli
Butterfield, Moira The Christmas star
Butterworth, Bill Peanut butter families
Caggiano, Phyllis Love's fragile flame
Calkin, Ruth Harms Tell me again, Lord, I forget
Calvin, John Commentaries on the epistles to Timothy, Ti
Calvin, John Golden booklet of the true Christian life
Calvin, John The institutes of Christian religion
Campbell, Roger F. They call him the walking Bible
Campbell, Ross How to really love your teenager
Campolo, Anthony Ideas for social action
Campolo, Anthony Partly right
Campolo, Anthony Who switched the price tags?
Campolo Jr., Anthony The power delusion
Campolo Jr., Anthony The success fantasy
Campolo, Tony How to be Pentacostal without speaking in t
Campolo, Tony How to rescue the earth without worshipping
Campolo, Tony Wake up America!
Campus Life The Campus Life guide to Christian colleges
Capon, Robert Farrar The parables of the Kingdom
Card, Michael Immanuel, reflections on the life of Christ
Carlson, Carol C. A light in Babylon
Carlson, Carole C. Corrie Ten Boom, her life, her faith
Carlson, Lois Monganga Paul
Carlson, Melodie Just the right words-comfort from God
Carlson, Melody Crystal lies
Carlson, Melody On this day
Carmichael, Amy Edges of his ways
Carmichael, Amy If
Carney, Glandion Trusting God again
Carson, Ben Gifted hands
Castleman, Robbie Parenting in the pew
Cavanaugh, Jack The Puritans
Chafer, Lewis Sperry Major Bible themes
Chaikin, Linda Empire builders
Chaikin, Linda Kingscote
Chaikin, Linda Silk
Chaikin, Linda Swords and scimitars
Chaikin, Linda Under eastern stars
Chaikin, Linda Winds of allegiance
Chamberlin, Margaret Reaching Asians internationally
Chambers, Oswald If you will ask
Chambers, Oswald My utmost for his highest
Chambers, Oswald Studies in the Sermon on the Mount
Chao, Jonathan Wise as serpents, harmless as doves
Chapian, Marie Free to be thin
Chapin, Alice Building your child's faith
Chapman, Gary The five love languages
Chapman, Gary D. Hope for the separated
Charles, Harry Sharing Christ without embarrassment
Chase, Betty N. Discipline them, love them
Cheney, Johnston M. The greatest story
Cheney, Johnston M. The life of Christ in stereo
Chinn, Douglas S. A post-trib alternative to the pre-trib rap
Christenson, Evelyn "Lord, change me"
Christenson, Evelyn What happens when we pray for our families
Christenson, Larry The Christian family
Christenson, Larry The wonderful way that babies are made
Christian College Coalition Consider a Christian college
Christian History Magazine The African apostles
Christian History Magazine The American puritans
Christian History Magazine The American Revolution
Christian History Magazine Augustine
Christian History Magazine The Baptists
Christian History Magazine Bernard of Clairvaux
Christian History Magazine Bound for Canaan
Christian History Magazine C. S. Lewis
Christian History Magazine Camp meetings and circuit riders
Christian History Magazine Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig
Christian History Magazine Charles G. Finney
Christian History Magazine Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Christian History Magazine The Christian face of the scientific revolu
Christian History Magazine Christianity and the Civil War
Christian History Magazine Christians and Muslims
Christian History Magazine Columbus and Christianity
Christian History Magazine Converting the empire
Christian History Magazine The crusades
Christian History Magazine Dante's guide to heaven and hell
Christian History Magazine David Livingstone
Christian History Magazine Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Christian History Magazine Dwight L. Moody
Christian History Magazine Eastern Orthodoxy
Christian History Magazine The end
Christian History Magazine Everyday faith in the Middle Ages
Christian History Magazine Francis of Assisi
Christian History Magazine G. K. Chesterton
Christian History Magazine. George Whitefield
Christian History Magazine The golden age of hymns
Christian History Magazine Heresy in the early church
Christian History Magazine How the Irish were saved
Christian History Magazine How we got our Bible
Christian History Magazine How we got our history
Christian History Magazine Hudson Taylor and missions to China
Christian History Magazine Huguenots and the wars of religion
Christian History Magazine J. R. R. Tolkien
Christian History Magazine Jan Amos Comenius
Christian History Magazine Jan Hus
Christian History Magazine John Bunyan and Pilgrim's Progress
Christian History Magazine John Calvin
Christian History Magazine John Chrysostom
Christian History Magazine John Knox
Christian History Magazine John Welsey
Christian History Magazine John Wycliffe
Christian History Magazine Johnathan Edwards and the Great Awakening
Christian History Magazine Jonathan Edwards
Christian History Magazine The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth
Christian History Magazine Martin Luther, the early years
Christian History Magazine Martin Luther, the later years and legacy
Christian History Magazine. Money 1
Christian History Magazine Money II
Christian History Magazine The monkey trial and the rise of fundamenta
Christian History Magazine Paul and his times
Christian History Magazine Persecution in the early church
Christian History Magazine Pietism re-examined
Christian History Magazine The Radical Reformation: the Anabaptists
Christian History Magazine The rise of Pentacostalism
Christian History Magazine Russian Christianity
Christian History Magazine St. Antony and the desert fathers
Christian History Magazine St. Augustine
Christian History Magazine A severe salvation
Christian History Magazine Spiritual awakenings in North America
Christian History Magazine The 10 most influential Christians of the t
Christian History Magazine Thomas Aquinas
Christian History Magazine Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation
Christian History Magazine Ulrich Zwingli
Christian History Magazine Waldensians
Christian History Magazine The Wesleys
Christian History Magazine William and Catherine Booth
Christian History Magazine William Carey
Christian History Magazine William Tyndale
Christian History Magazine William Wilberforce
Christian History Magazine Women in the early church
Christian History Magazine Women in the medieval church
Christian History Magazine Worship in the early church
Christian History Magazine Zinzendorf and the Moravians
Clark, Amanda Flower of the sea
Clark, Gordon H. God's hammer, the Bible and its critics
Clarkson, Margaret So you're single!
Claypool, John Glad reunion
Clayton, Candace Sing a song of gladness
Cline, Foster Parenting teens with love and logic
Cloud, Henry False assumptions
Clouse, Robert G. The meaning of the millennium: four views
Coleman, Robert E. The master plan of evangelism
Collins, Gary R. Beyond easy believism
Colquhoun, Frank Four portraits of Jesus - Christ in the Gos
Colson, Charles Against the night
Colson, Charles Changed hearts
Colson, Charles A dance with deception
Colson, Charles Gideon's torch
Colson, Charles The God of stones and spiders
Colson, Charles Kingdoms in conflict
Colson, Charles Loving God
Colson, Charles Who speaks for God?
Colson, Charles W. Born again
Colson, Charles W. Life Sentence
Constantino, Frank The ministry of aftercare
Conway, Jim Women in mid-life crisis
Conybeare, F. C. A grammar of Septuagint Greek
Cook, Jerry Love, acceptance and forgiveness
Cooper, Darien B. You can be the wife of a happy husband
Copeland, Lori A case of bad taste
Copeland, Lori Faith
Copeland, Lori Glory
Copeland, Lori Hope
Copeland, Lori June
Copeland, Lori Patience
Coyle, Neva Sharon's hope
Crabb Jr., Lawrence J. Effective biblical counseling
Crabb, Larry Encouragement: the key to caring
Crabb, Larry Shattered dreams
Crabb, Lawrence J. Encouragement
Cramer, Dale Bad ground
Cramer, W. Dale Levi's will
Crawford, Dianna An echo of hope
Crisci, Elizabeth Whitney When kids bend the rules
Criswell, W. A. The baptism, filling and gifts of the Holy
Criswell, W.A. Why I preach that the Bible is literally tr
Crow, Donna Fletcher Elizabeth, days of loss and hope
Crow, Donna Fletcher Kathyrn
Crow, Donna Fletcher Stephanie, days of turmoil and victory
Cruden, Alexander Cruden's complete concordance
Cruz, Nicky Run baby run
Cuthbert, Melbourne E. Managing missions in the local church
Dailey, Timothy J. The gathering storm
Dalbey, Gordon Healing the masculine soul
Daniel, Rebecca Big Bible story puzzle book
Daniels, Velma S. Fountain of love
Dargatz, Jan 52 simple ways to make Christmas special
Darty, Peggy Kincaid of Cripple Creek
D'Aubigne, J. H. Merle History of the Reformation vol. 1
D'Aubigne, J. H. Merle History of the Reformation vol. 2
D'Aubigne, J. H. Merle History of the Reformation vol. 3
D'Aubigne, J. H. Merle History of the Reformation vol. 4
D'Aubigne, J. H. Merle History of the Reformation vol. 5
Davidson, Alice Joyce The story of Jonah
Davis, J. D. Davis dictionary of the Bible
Davoll, Barbara The Christopher Churchmouse treasury
Dawson, Armon Dry ground into water springs
De Graaf, Anne The children's Bible story book
De Pree, Traci Aprons on a clothesline
De Pree, Traci A can of peas
De Pree, Traci Dandelions in a jelly jar
Deen, Edith Wisdom from women in the Bible
DeHaan, M. R. Genesis and evolution
DeHaan, M. R. Law or grace
DeHaan, Richard Israel and the nations in prophecy
DeHaan, Richard The living God
DeHaan, Richard W. The art of staying off dead-end streets
DeHaan, Richard W. Good news for bad times
DeHaan, Richard W. Satan, satanism and witchcraft
DeHaan, Richard W. Studies in Second Peter
DeHaan, Richard W. The world on trial
DeJonge, Joanne E. My listening ears
DeMoss Jr., Robert G. Learn to discern
Dengler, Sandy Code of honor
Dengler, Sandy East of outback
Dengler, Sandy Fanny Crosby
Dengler, Sandy Power of Pinjarra
Dengler, Sandy Susanna Wesley
Dengler, Sandy Taste of victory
Dewhurst, Rick Bye bye Bertie
Dick, Lois Hoadley Amy Carmichael: let the little children com
Dickason, C. Fred Demon possession and the Christian
Dickerson, Matthew T. The Finnsburg encounter
Dickson, David Matthew
Dillow, Joseph Speaking in tongues
Dinnen, Stewart How are you doing?
Dobschiner, Johanna Ruth Selected to live
Dobson, Danae Woof finds a family
Dobson, Danae Woof goes to school
Dobson, James Emotions: can you trust them?
Dobson, James Stories of the heart and home
Dobson, James C. Bringing up boys
Dobson, James C. Children at risk
Dobson, James C. Dr. Dobson answers your questions
Dobson, James C. A father looks back
Dobson, James C. The fundamentals of child discipline
Dobson, James C. Hide or seek
Dobson, James C. How to prepare for adolescence
Dobson, James C. How to raise the strong-willed child
Dobson, James C. Life on the edge
Dobson, James C. Love for a lifetime
Dobson, James C. Love must be tough
Dobson, James C. The new dare to discipline
Dobson, James C. Parenting isn't for cowards
Dobson, James C. Preparing for adolescence
Dobson, James C. Preparing for adolescence
Dobson, James C. Straight talk to men and their wives
Dobson, James C. The strong-willed child
Dobson, James C. What dads need to know about fathering
Dobson, James C. What wives wish their husbands knew about w
Dobson, James C. When God doesn't make sense
Dollar, Truman Teach me Lord
Dorr, Roberta Kells Solomon's song
Dortzbach, Karl Kidnapped
Dotts, Maryann J. You can have a church library
Douglass, Judy Downs He loves me
Douglass, Judy Downs Old maid is a dirty word
Douglass, Judy Downs What can a mother do?
Douglass, Stephen B. Managing yourself
Dow, Rosey Love's journey west
Dowdy, Homer E. The bamboo cross
Dowdy, Homer E. Out of the jaws of the lion
Dowsett, Dick Is God really fair?
Dravecky, Dave Comeback
Dravecky, Dave When you can't comeback
Dravecky, Jan A joy I'd never known
Dretke, James P. A Christian approach to Muslims
Duewel, Wesley L. Touch the world through prayer
Dulka, Ed Colombian jungle escape
Dunnett, Walter M. New Testament survey
Durham, Charles When you're feeling lonely
Duty, Guy Divorce and remarriage
Dyer, Charles The rise of Babylon
Eareckson, Joni Joni
Eareckson, Joni A step further
Eastman, Dick The hour that changes the world
Eastman, Mark The search for the Messiah
Eaton, Chris Vacations with a purpose
Edersheim, Alfred The life and times of Jesus the Messiah
Edwards, Gene The divine romance
Edwards, Gene A tale of three kings
Edwards, Jonathan Sinners in the hands of an angry God
Egermeier, Elsie E. Bible story book
Eidsmoe, John Christianity and the constitution
Eisenman, Tom L. Temptations men face
Eldredge, John Community impact handbook
Elliot, Elisabeth A chance to die
Elliot, Elisabeth Discipline, the glad surrender
Elliot, Elisabeth Loneliness
Elliot, Elisabeth Love has a price tag
Elliot, Elisabeth The mark of a man
Elliot, Elisabeth No graven image
Elliot, Elisabeth Passion and purity
Elliot, Elisabeth The savage my kinsman
Elliot, Elisabeth Shadow of the Almighty
Elliot, Elisabeth Through gates of splendor
Elliot, Elisabeth Trusting God in a twisted world
Elliot, James The journals of Jim Elliot
Ellis, William T. Billy Sunday, the man and his message
Elwood, Roger Angelwalk
Epp, Theodore H. David, a man after the heart of God
Epp, Theodore H. Elijah a man of like nature
Epp, Theodore H. The God of Jacob
Epp, Theodore H. James-the epistle of applied Christianity
Epp, Theodore H. Job, a man tried as gold
Epp, Theodore H. Joseph, 'God planned it for good'
Epp, Theodore H. Moses, vol. 1, God prepares his man
Epp, Theodore H. Moses, vol. 2, God strengthens his man
Epp, Theodore H. Moses, vol. 4, Moses' greatest moments
Epp, Theodore H. Portraits of Christ in the tabernacle
Erdman, Charles R. The epistle of Paul to the Romans
Erickson, Lois N. Zipporah / Huldah
Erwin, Gayle D. The Jesus style
Erwin, Gayle D. YHWH style
Estep, Howard C. The rose red city
Estes, Steve Called to die
Evans, James L. Family devotions for the advent season
Evans, Pamela The overcommitted Christian
Evans, Rob The Donut allstars
Evans, Tony Our God is awesome
Ezell, Lee The Cinderella syndrome
Ezell, Lee The missing piece
Fabisch, Judith A widow's guide to living alone
Falwell, Jerry Champions for God
Falwell, Jerry If I should die before I wake
Falwell, Jerry Strength for the journey
Fanning, Marilyn The not so golden years
Farrar, Steve Finishing strong
Farrar, Steve Point man
Farris, Michael What a daughter needs from her dad
Fearon, Mike Martin Luther
Fee, Gordon D. The first epistle fo the Corinthians
Fee, Gordon D. How to read the Bible for all it's worth
Feldhake, Susan C. For love alone
Fell, Doris Lady of the Tboli
Felton, Sandra The messie motivator
Fenelon Let go
Ferguson, Sinclair B. Kingdom life in a fallen world
Fickett, Harold First light
Fickett, Harold L. Let's keep growing
Field, Christine Moriarty Coming home to raise your children
Finney, Charles G. Prevailing prayer
Finnie, Kellsye M. Beyond the minarets
Fischer, John Ashes in the wind
Fischer, John Saint Ben ***MISSING***
Fischer, John The saints and angels' song
Fisher, Fay In his image
Fisher, Julia Israel: the mystery of peace
Fisher, Patricia Ann Gingerbread girl
Fix, Janet For single's only
Flavel, John Keeping the heart
Flynn, Leslie Joseph: God's man in Egypt
Flynn, Leslie The other twelve
Flynn, Leslie B. What the church owes the Jews
Focus on the Family Bonhoeffer, the cost of freedom
Focus on the Family The sword of the Spirit
Focus on the Family The treasure of the Incas
Ford, Leighton Good news is for sharing
Foster, Charles First steps, Bible stories for children
Foster, Richard J. Celebration of discipline
Foster, Sharon Ewell Ain't no mountain
Foster, Sharon Ewell Ain't no river
Foulkes, Francis Ephesians
Fowler, Paul B. Abortion, toward an evangelical consensus
Foxe, John Foxe's book of martyrs
Foyle, Marjory F. Overcoming missionary stress
Francis, Mabel One shall chase a thousand
Freed, Paul E. Towers to Eternity
Freeman, Cynthia No time for tears
Freeman, Joel A. "God is not fair"
Freese, Doris A. Vacation Bible school
Friederichsen, Mrs. Paul God's word made plain
Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. Hebrew Christian Passover Haggadah
Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. Hebrew Christianity
Fryling, Robert A handbook for engaged couples
Fulghum, Thomas Tommy the comeback kid
Gaebelein, Arno C. Acts of the apostles
Gaither, Bill Homecoming bloopers
Gaither, Gloria What my parents did right
Garlow, James L. A Christian's response to Islam
Garlow, James L. A Christian's response to Islam
Garrison, Jane The Christian working mother's handbook
Garton, Jean Staker Who broke the baby?
George, Elizabeth Beautiful in God's eyes
Gerstner, John H. The teachings of the Jehovah's witnesses
Getz, Gene Partners for life
Getz, Gene A. Building up one another
Getz, Gene A. God's plan for building a good reputation
Getz, Gene A. Living for others when you'd rather live fo
Getz, Gene A. The measure of a man
Getz, Gene A. The measure of a woman
Getz, Gene A. Praying for one another
Getz, Gene A. Saying no when you'd rather say yes
Gibson, Elizabeth Fragile dreams and old photographs
Gilge, Jeanette All things heal in time
Gilge, Jeanette A winter's promise
Gimenez, Anne Marking your children for God
Gire, Ken Limburger's little white lie
Gire, Ken Melody's kooky cover-up
Glickman, S. Craig A song for lovers
Goble, Phil New creation book for Muslims
Goldsmith, Elizabeth God can be trusted
Goldsmith, Martin Love your local missionary
Goodrick, Edward W. The NIV handy concordance
Gorsuch, Geoff Brothers!
Gothard, Bill Advanced seminar textbook
Gothard, Bill Basic seminar textbook
Gothard, Bill How to apply basic life principles
Gould, Leslie Beyond the blue
Graham, Billy Angels: God's secret agents
Graham, Billy Answers to life's problems
Graham, Billy Approaching hoofbeats
Graham, Billy Facing death and the life after
Graham, Billy The Holy Spirit
Graham, Billy Hope for the troubled heart
Graham, Billy How to be born again
Graham, Billy Just as I am
Graham, Billy The secret of happiness
Graham, Billy Till Armageddon
Graham, Franklin Bob Pierce: this one thing I do
Graham, Franklin Rebel with a cause
Graham, Jerry Where flies don't land
Graham, Ruth Bell It's my turn
Graham, Ruth Bell One wintry night
Graham, Ruth Bell Prodigals and those who love them
Graham, Ruth Bell Sitting by my laughing fire
Granger, Carol The jailer who changed his mind
Grant, George Gays in the military
Grant, George Grand illusions
Gray, Alice Stories for the heart
Green, A. C. A. C. Green
Green, Melody No compromise, the life story of Keith Gree
Green, Michael Evangelism through the local church
Green, Michael Runaway world
Greene, Carol Kiri and the first Easter
Gregory, Joel C. Growing pains of the soul
Griffiths, Kitty Anna Paul and the daring expedition
Griffiths, Michael Take my life
Groenhoff, Ed The freshman
Gromacki, Robert G. The modern tongues movement
Groten, Dallas Winning isn't always first place
Groves, Anthony Norris Christian devotedness
Grudem, Wayne Systematic theology
Guder, Eileen We're never alone
Gulston, Charles Jerusalem, the tragedy and the triumph
Gunn, Robin Jones Don't you wish
Gunn, Robin Jones Only you, Sierra
Gurganus, W. Eugene Investing for eternity
Gustaveson, Dave The mysterious case
Gustaveson, Dave Mystery at Smokey Mountain
Guthrie, D. The new Bible commentary: revised
Guthrie, Donald Jesus the messiah
Gutteridge, Rene The splitting storm
Gutteridge, Rene Storm gathering
Haggai, John Be careful what you call impossible
Haggai, John Edmund How to win over worry
Haggai, John Edmund My son Johnny
Haldeman, I. M. How to study the Bible
Hall, Gordon Langley Golden boats from Burma
Hall, Terry The New Testament express
Hallesby, O. Prayer
Halley, Henry H. Bible handbook
Halverson, Richard A living fellowship-a dynamic witness
Hanegraaff, Hank Christianity in crisis
Hansel, Tim What kids need most in a dad
Hansel, Tim When I relax I feel guilty
Hardisty, Margaret Forever my love
Harney, Sylvia Married beyond recognition
Harris, F. Donald The Trinity
Harris, Gregg The Christian home school
Harris, Joshua I kissed dating goodbye
Harris, R. Laird Inspiration and canonicity of the Bible
Harris, R. Laird Your Bible
Hart, Archibald Children and divorce
Hartfeld, Hermann Irina
Hartley, Fred Dare to be different
Hartley, Fred Growing pains
Harvey, Hezekiah The church: its polity and ordinances
Hatcher, Robin Lee Beyond the shadows
Hatcher, Robin Lee Promised to me
Hatcher, Robin Lee Speak to me of love
Hatcher, Robin Lee Veteran's way
Hazard, David A place behind the world
Heath, Lou Daniel, faithful captive
Hefley, James God's tribesman
Hefley, James Uncle Cam
Hefley, James C. By life or death
Hemfelt, Robert Love is a choice
Henderson, Jon Tourmaline
Henderson, Lois T. Miriam
Henderson, Lois T. Priscilla and Aquila
Henderson, Lois T. Ruth
Hendricks, Howard G. Heaven help the home!
Hendriksen, William Beginner's book of doctrine
Henrichsen, Walter A. After the sacrifice
Henrichsen, Walter A. Disciples are made-not born
Herndon, Ernest Morning morning true
Herold, Anne Bixby Aaron's dark secret
Herr, Ethel L. Growing up is a family affair
Hershey, Katherine Joseph
Hershey, Katherine Patriarchs
Hershiser, Orel Out of the blue
Hession, Roy The Calvary road
Hester, Glenn Child of rage
Hickey, Al; etc. Church ministries VI
Hickman, Patricia Voyage of the exiles
Hiebert, D. Edmond Titus and Philemon
Hill. Dave The most wonderful king
Hill, Grace Livingston According to the pattern/An unwilling guest
Hill, Grace Livingston The Christmas bride
Hill, Grace Livingston The city of fire
Hill, Grace Livingston Crimson roses
Hill, Grace Livingston A daily rate
Hill, Grace Livingston Exit Betty
Hill, Grace Livingston Grace Livingstone Hill Collection #8
Hill, Grace Livingston In the way
Hill, Grace Livingston Ladybird
Hill, Grace Livingston The mystery of Mary
Hill, Grace Livingston Not under the law
Hill, Grace Livingston The prodigal girl
Hill, Grace Livingston The search
Hill, Grace Livingston The story of a whim
Hill, Grace Livingston Where two ways met
Hill, Grace Livingston The white lady
Hillert, Margaret Dandelions and daydreams
Hillis, Don W. I don't feel called (thank the Lord!)
Hindson, Ed Overcoming life's toughest problems
Hindson, Ed Pastoral counseling
Hird, Nancy Ellen Marty's monster
Hirschmann, Maria Anne Hansi, the girl who loved the swastika
Hitching, Bob Ali and Silvana
Hitchings, Bob The Tabernacle
Hitt, Russell T. Cannibal valley
Hitt, Russell T. Jungle pilot
Hitt, Russell T. Sensei
Hocking, David Marrying again, a guide for Christians
Hocking, David The moral catastrophe
Hodge, Charles 1 and 2 Corinthians
Hodge, Kimball A mind renewed by God
Hoekema, Anthony A. Jehovah's witnesses
Hoekema, Anthony A. Mormonism
Hoekstra, Ray God's prison gang
Hoff, B. J. Cadence
Hoff, B. J. Dark river legacy
Hoff, B. J. Heart of the lonely exile
Hoff, B. J. Jubilee
Hoff, B. J. Land of a thousand dreams
Hoff, B. J. Prelude
Hoff, B. J. Song of the silent harp
Hoff, B. J. Sons of an ancient glory
Hoff, B. J. Storm at daybreak
Hoff, B. J. Vow of silence
Hogan, Ronald F. The God of glory
Holm, Dallas This is my story
Holmes, Marjorie How can I find you, God?
Holmes, Marjorie Two from Galilee
Hoover, Mab Graff In comes love
Horn, Siegfried H. Biblical archaeology, a generation of disco
Horne, Charles M. The doctrine of salvation
House, H. Wayne Charts of Christian theology and doctrine
Howard, J. Grant Balancing life's demands
Howard, J. Grant The trauma of transparency
Howard, Milly Captive treasure
Howard, Milly The treasure of Pelican Cove
Howe, Ralph R. End times
Howe, Ralph R. The "sense" of the scriptures
Hudson, F. Parker On the edge
Huffman Jr., John Who's in charge here?
Huggins, Kevin Parenting adolescents
Hughes, Kent Liberating ministry from the success syndro
Hughes, Philip The prodigal
Hughes, Ray Illustrated Bible stories for children
Hulbert, Terry C. World missions today
Humphreys, Fisher The almighty
Hunnex, Gloria G. James H. Taylor
Hunt, Angela The awakening
Hunt, Angela The immortal
Hunt, Angela Then comes marriage
Hunt, Angela Unspoken
Hunt, Angela Elwell The adoption option
Hunt, Angela Elwell Afton of Margate castle
Hunt, Angela Elwell A basket of roses
Hunt, Angela Elwell A dream to cherish
Hunt, Angela Elwell Love burning bright
Hunt, Angela Elwell The much-adored Sandy Shore
Hunt, Angela Elwell No more broken promises
Hunt, Angela Elwell The sleeping rose
Hunt, Dave America, the sorcerer's new apprentice
Hunt, Dave Beyond seduction
Hunt, Dave The seduction of Christianity
Hunter, Frances Gardner My love affair with Charles
Hunter, J. H. How sleep the brave!
Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman Bedtime Bible story book
Hurnard, Hannah Hind's feet on high places
Husband, Evelyn High calling
Hutchens, Paul The Chicago adventure
Hutchens, Paul The killer bear
Hutchens, Paul The lost campers
Hutchens, Paul The mystery cave
Hutchens, Paul One stormy day
Hutchens, Paul Palm tree manhunt
Hutchens, Paul The secret hideout
Hutchens, Paul The swamp robber
Hutchens, Paul Tree house mystery
Hutchens, Paul The winter rescue
Hutchins, Ruth Presswood No sacrifice too great
Hybels, Bill Fit to be tied
Hybels, Bill Honest to God?
Hybels, Bill Too busy not to pray
Hyles, Jack How to rear children
Ife, Elaine David and Jonathan
Ife, Elaine Moses in the bulrushes
Ife, Elaine Samuel
Ife, Elaine Stories Jesus told
Inchley, John Kids and the kingdom
Ironside, H. A. The mission of and praying in the Holy Spir
Irwin, Grace Least of all saints
Jacks, Bob Your home, a lighthouse
Jackson, Dave The bandit of Ashley Downs
Jackson, Dave The chimney sweep's ransom
Jackson, Dave Escape from the slave traders
Jackson, Dave The hidden jewel
Jackson, Dave Kidnapped by river rats
Jackson, Dave Listen for the whippoorwill
Jackson, Dave Quest for the lost prince
Jackson, Dave Shanghaied to China
Jackson, Dave Trial by poison
Jackson, Dave The warrior's challenge
Jackson, Neta The cat who smelled like cabbage
Jackson, Neta The hamster who got himself stuck
Jackson, Neta The yada yada prayer group
Jackson, Neta The yada yada prayer group gets down
Jackson, Neta The yada yada prayer group gets tough
Jacobsen, Henry You can teach adults
Jacobsen, Marion Leach Saints and snobs
James, Kay Coles Never forget
Jamieson, Robert Commentary critical and explanatory on the
Jansen, Frank Kaleb Target earth
Janssen, Al Seven promises of a promise keeper
Jenkins, Jerry Heartbeat
Jenkins, Jerry The operative
Jenkins, Jerry Soon
Jenkins, Jerry Though none go with me
Jenkins, Jerry B. Armageddon
Jenkins, Jerry B. Janell
Jenkins, Peter The road unseen
Jenkins, Peter A walk across America
Jenkins, Peter The walk west
Jensen, Irving L. Enjoy your Bible
Jensen, Irving L. General epistles
Jensen, Irving L. I Corinthians
Jensen, Irving L. Jensen's survey of the Old Testament
Jensen, Irving L. Jeremiah and Lamentations
Jensen, Irving L. John
Jensen, Irving L. Joshua
Jensen, Irving L. Life of Christ
Jensen, Irving L. Mark
Jensen, Irving L. Numbers, journey to God's rest-land
Jensen, Margaret First we have coffee
Jeremiah, David Turning toward integrity
Johanson, Nancy O. Halfway to Heaven
John, Sally Flashpoint
John, Sally In a heartbeat
John, Sally Just to see you smile
John, Sally Moment of truth
John, Sally The winding road home
Johnson, A. Wetherell Created for commitment
Johnson, Barbara Fresh elastic for stretched out moms
Johnson, Barbara God's most precious jewels are crystallized
Johnson, Barbara Living somewhere between estrogen and death
Johnson, Barbara Pack up your gloomies in a great big box, t
Johnson, Barbara Splashes of joy in the cesspool of life
Johnson, Barbara Stick a geranium in your hat and be happy
Johnson, Barbara Where does a mother go to resign?
Johnson, Dave Dave Johnson
Johnson, James L. A piece of the moon is missing
Johnson, Jean Dye God at the controls
Johnson, June 838 ways to amuse your child
Johnson, Paul E. A shopkeeper's millennium
Johnson, Phillip E. Darwin on trial
Johnstone, Jill You can change the world
Jones, Annie Sadie-in-waiting
Jones, Stan Facing the facts
Jones, Stan The story of me
Jones, Stan What's the big deal?
Jones, Veda Boyd I do
Joy, Donald M. Bonding
Justice, Alan David The final bow
Kachur, Robert M. The complete campus companion
Kaiser Jr., Walter C. A Biblical approach to personal suffering
Kaiser, Walter C., Jr. Hard sayings of the Bible
Karon, Jan At home in Mitford
Karon, Jan A light in the window
Karon, Jan A new song
Karon, Jan Out to Canaan
Karon, Jan Shepherds abiding
Karon, Jan Shepherds abiding
Karon, Jan These high, green hills
Karssen, Gien Getting the most out of being single
Karssen, Gien Her name is woman
Kauffman, Christmas Carol Light from heaven
Kauffman, Christmas Carol Lucy Winchester
Kauffman, Christmas Carol Search to belong
Keaggy, Bernadette A deeper shade of grace
Keener, Craig S. The IVP Bible background commentary - New T
Keller, Phillip Lessons from a sheep dog
Keller, Phillip A shepherd looks at Psalm 23
Keller, Phillip A shepherd looks at the good shepherd and h
Keller, W. Phillip A layman looks at the Lamb of God
Keller, W. Phillip A layman looks at the Lord's prayer
Keller, Werner The Bible as history
Kelly, Robert How do I make up my mind, Lord?
Kendall, R. T. Believing God
Kennedy, D. James What if Jesus had never been born?
Kennedy, D. James Why I believe
Kennedy, Nancy Prayers God always answers
Kerstan, Reinhold Blood and honor
Kesler, Jay ***MISSING** Ten mistakes parents make with teenagers (a
Ketterman, Grace H. Before and after the wedding night
Keunig, J. The man in bearskin
Key, Dana Don't stop the music
Kiemel, Ann Hi! I'm Ann
Kiemel, Ann I love the word impossible
Kiemel, Ann I'm out to change my world
Kiemel, Ann I'm running to win
Kiemel, Ann It's incredible
Kiemel, Ann Yes!
Kilby, Clyde S. Images of salvation in the fiction of C. S.
Kim, Esther Ahn If I perish
Kimmel, Tim Legacy love
Kimmel, Tim Little house on the freeway
Kingsbury, Karen Beyond Tuesday morning
Kingsbury, Karen Even now
Kingsbury, Karen Fame
Kingsbury, Karen Halfway to forever
Kingsbury, Karen Maggie's miracle
Kingsbury, Karen A moment of weakness
Kingsbury, Karen Oceans apart
Kingsbury, Karen On every side
Kingsbury, Karen One Tuesday morning
Kingsbury, Karen Redemption
Kingsbury, Karen Rejoice
Kingsbury, Karen Remember
Kingsbury, Karen Return
Kingsbury, Karen Reunion
Kingsbury, Karen Sarah's song
Kingsbury, Karen A thousand tomorrows
Kingsbury, Karen A time to dance
Kingsbury, Karen Waiting for morning
Kingsbury, Karen Where yesterday lives
Kinkade, Thomas A Christmas promise
Knaack, Twila Ethel Waters, I touched a sparrow
Knight III, George W. The role relationship of men and women
Koerbel, Pam Abortion's second victim
Kohlenberger, Carolyn Raising wise children
Kohlenberger III, John R. Jonah and Nahum
Kolbrek, Loyal A. Samson
Kolbrek, Loyal A. Zacchaeus
Koons, Carolyn Tony, our journey together
Koop, C. Everett Whatever happened to the human race?
Kopp, Ruth When someone you love is dying
Korem, Dan Streetwise parents, foolproof kids
Kraft, Vickie Women mentoring women
Kramer, Janice The good Samaritan
Kramer, Janice The rich fool
Kroll, Woodrow Michael It will be worth it all
Kuhn, Isobel Green leaf in drought time
Kuhn, Isobel In the arena
Kuhne, Roberta Seize the moment, share the message
Lacy, Al One more sunrise
Lacy, Al Ransom of love
Lacy, Al So little time
Lacy, Al Until the daybreak
LaHaye, Beverly How to develop your child's temperament
LaHaye, Beverly The spirit-controlled woman
LaHaye, Beverly Times and seasons
LaHaye, Tim Apollyon
LaHaye, Tim Apollyon
LaHaye, Tim Are we living in the end times?
LaHaye, Tim Armageddon
LaHaye, Tim Assassins
LaHaye, Tim Assassins
LaHaye, Tim The battle for the family
LaHaye, Tim The battle for the mind
LaHaye, Tim The beginning of the end
LaHaye, Tim Desecration
LaHaye, Tim Glorious appearing
LaHaye, Tim How to be happy though married
LaHaye, Tim How to study the Bible for yourself
LaHaye, Tim The indwelling; the beast takes possession
LaHaye, Tim Left behind
LaHaye, Tim Life in the afterlife
LaHaye, Tim The mark
LaHaye, Tim Nicolae
LaHaye, Tim The remnant
LaHaye, Tim The rising
LaHaye, Tim Soul harvest
LaHaye, Tim Transformed temperaments
LaHaye, Tim Tribulation force
LaHaye, Tim Understanding the male temperament
Landorf, Joyce His stubborn love
Landorf, Joyce Irregular people
Landorf, Joyce The richest lady in town
Landorf, Joyce Tough and tender
Landtroop, Dorm, etc. Church ministries 1
Larcombe, Jennifer Rees Leaning on a spider's web
Larsen, Dale You can have it all and other phony promise
Larson, Bob Dead air
LaSor, William Sanford Men who knew God
Latourette, Jane R. Daniel in the lion's den
Laughlin, Rodney S. The job hunter's handbook
Laurie, Greg The great compromise
Lawhead, Steve Welcome to the family
Lawrence, Brother The practice of the presence of God
Lehman, Yvonne Smoky Mountain sunrise
Leman, Kevin The birth order book
Leman, Kevin Bonkers
Leman, Kevin Getting the best out of your kids
Leman, Kevin Making children mind without losing yours
Leman, Kevin Parent talk
Leman, Kevin The pleasers
Lemmons, Thom He who wept
Leon, Bonnie The journey of eleven moons
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and her missing kin
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and Jonathan's predicament
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the abandoned mine
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the angel's secret
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the Charleston phantom
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the courtroom battle
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the dangerous imposters
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the fiery rescue
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the hidden treasure
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the holiday surprise
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the invisible troublemaker
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the jumping juniper
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the midnight journey
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the mysterious fisherman
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the schoolhouse's secret
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the secret tunnel
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the trunk's secret
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the unwanted gift
Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the windmill message
LeTourneau, R. G. Mover of men and mountains
Levene, Nancy Simpson The fastest car in the county
Levitt, Zola The Cairo connection
Lewis, Beverly The betrayal
Lewis, Beverly The brethren
Lewis, Beverly The confession
Lewis, Beverly The covenant
Lewis, Beverly The crossroad
Lewis, Beverly The Englisher
Lewis, Beverly The postcard
Lewis, Beverly The preacher's daughter
Lewis, Beverly The prodigal
Lewis, Beverly The reckoning
Lewis, Beverly The revelation
Lewis, Beverly The sacrifice
Lewis, Beverly Sanctuary
Lewis, Beverly The shunning
Lewis, C. S. A grief observed
Lewis, C. S. The horse and his boy
Lewis, C. S. The joyful Christian
Lewis, C. S. The last battle
Lewis, C. S. Letters to an American lady
Lewis, C. S. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
Lewis, C. S. The magician's nephew
Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity
Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity
Lewis, C. S. Miracles
Lewis, C. S. Out of the silent planet
Lewis, C. S. Perelandra
Lewis, C. S. The pilgrim's regress
Lewis, C. S. Prince Caspian
Lewis, C. S. The Screwtape letters
Lewis, C. S. The screwtape letters
Lewis, C. S. The silver chair
Lewis, C. S. That hideous strength
Lewis, C. S. The voyage of the "Dawn Treader"
Lewis, David Coming home
Lewis, Gregg Joni Eareckson Tada
Lewis, Gregg The power of a promise kept
Lewis, Karen From Arapesh to Zuni
Lewis, Karen Harvest of truth
Lewis, Norm Priority one, what God wants
Lewis, Paul 40 ways to teach your child values
Libby, Larry Someday angels
Libby, Larry Someday heaven
Lidgett, J. S. The fatherhood of God
Lindsey, Hal The late great planet earth
Lindsey, Hal The liberation of planet earth
Lindsey, Hal Planet earth-2000 A.D.
Lindsey, Hal The rapture
Lindsey, Hal There's a new world coming
Lindvall, Ella K. Read-aloud Bible stories, vol. 1
Linville, Barbara The times of Joshua and the Judges
Littauer, Florence Behind the personality
Littauer, Florence Silver boxes: the gift of encouragement
Little, Paul Know what and why you believe
Little, Paul E. How to give away your faith
Little, Paul E. Know what you believe
Little, Paul E. Know why you believe
Littleton, Mark Sports heroes-summer Olympics
Livingstone, Mark J. The peace maker
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Authority
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Faith tried and triumphant
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn From fear to faith
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn I am not ashamed
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Romans, assurance
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Romans, the new man
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Spiritual depression: its causes and cures
Lockyer, Herbert All the men of the Bible
Lockyer, Herbert Satan, his person and power
Longenecker, Richard N. The ministry and message of Paul
Lotz, Anne Graham Just give me Jesus
Love, Vicky Childless is not less
Lovelace, Richard F. Dynamics of spiritual life
Loving, Aretta Slices of life
Lowry, Mark Mark Lowry on Broadway
Lowry, Mark Out of control
Lucado, Max He still moves stones
Lucado, Max He still moves stones
Lucado, Max In the eye of the storm
Lucado, Max Six hours one Friday
Lucas, Jerry Remember the Word
Luce, Ron 10 challenges of a world changer
Lund, Judy The pearl that changed a life
Lunde, Alfred E. Christian education thru music
Lutzer, Erwin Managing your emotions
Lutzer, Erwin W. One minute after you die
Lutzer, Irwin How to say no to a stubborn habit
Lynch, Shelly Living for today, planning for tomorrow
MacArthur, John The believer's armor
MacArthur, John The Gospel according to Jesus
MacArthur, John Liberty in Christ
MacArthur, John Love's humility
MacArthur, John Perfect love
MacArthur, John The resurrection and the life
MacArthur, John Successful Christian parenting
MacArthur, John The wrath of God
MacArthur, John F., Jr. Take God's word for it
MacArthur Jr., John The body dynamic
MacArthur Jr., John Body dynamics
MacArthur Jr., John Confession of sin
MacArthur Jr., John Found: God's will
MacArthur Jr., John Keys to effective evangelism
MacArthur, Jr., John Kingdom life
MacArthur Jr., John Love not the world
MacArthur Jr., John On divorce
MacArthur Jr., John Overcoming materialism
MacArthur Jr., John Philippians, part 1
MacArthur Jr., John Philippians, part 2
MacArthur Jr., John The qualities of a great missionary
MacArthur Jr., John Welcome to the family
MacArthur Jr., John F. Ashamed of the Gospel
MacArthur Jr., John F. Charismatic chaos
MacArthur Jr., John F. God's plan for giving
MacArthur Jr., John F. The master's men
MacArthur Jr., John F. Salvation reaches out
MacArthur Jr., John F. True worship
McBirney, Allegra The shepherd psalm for a freeway culture
McCall, Yvonne Holloway The farmer takes a wife
McCasland, David Oswald Chambers, abandoned to God
Macchia, Stephen Becoming a healthy church: 10 characteristi
McCusker, Paul Annison's Risk, manuscript 3
McCusker, Paul Arin's judgment, manuscript 2
McCusker, Paul Darien's rise, manuscript 1
McCusker, Paul The legend of Squanto
McDonald, Cleveland Creating a successful Christian marriage
MacDonald, George At the back of the north wind
MacDonald, George The baronet's song
MacDonald, George The baron's apprenticeship
MacDonald, George The curate's awakening
MacDonald, George The fisherman's lady
MacDonald, George The gentlewoman's choice
MacDonald, George Heather and snow
MacDonald, George The lady's confession
MacDonald, George The laird's inheritance
MacDonald, George The landlady's master
MacDonald, George The marquis' secret
MacDonald, George The minister's restoration
MacDonald, George The musician's quest
MacDonald, George The princess and Curdie
MacDonald, George The shepherd's castle
MacDonald, George The tutor's first love
MacDonald, Gordon Ordering your private world
MacDonald, Gordon Restoring your spiritual passion
McDowell, Josh Answers to tough questions
McDowell, Josh The dad difference
McDowell, Josh Evidence for joy
McDowell, Josh Evidence that demands a verdict
McDowell, Josh His image, my image
McDowell, Josh How to help your child say "no" to sexual p
McDowell, Josh Josh McDowell's guide to understanding your
McDowell, Josh More evidence that demands a verdict
McDowell, Josh More than a carpenter
McDowell, Josh The new tolerance
McDowell, Josh The resurrection factor
McDowell, Josh Right from wrong
McDowell, Josh Truth slayers
McDowell, Josh Under siege
McDowell, Josh What I wish my parents knew about my sexual
McDowell, Josh Why wait?
McDowell, Joshua Vote of intolerance
McGinnis, Alan Loy The friendship factor
Machen, J. Gresham The Christian view of man
Machen, J. Gresham Christianity and liberalism
Machen, J. Gresham What is faith?
Macindoe, Betty Going for God
McIntire, Deborah Home schooling
McLaughlin, David The role of the man in the family
McLaughlin, David The role of the woman in the family
McLellan, Vern Christians in the political arena
McMillen, S. I. None of these diseases
McQuaid, Elwood Zvi
McQuilkin, Robertson The great omission
MacRae, Allan A. The Gospel of Isaiah
Magnani, Duane The Watchtower files
Magnusson, Sally The flying Scotsman
Maier, Paul A skeleton in God's closet
Mains, David 8 survival skills for changing times
Mains, Karen Burton Making Sunday special
Mains, Karen Burton Open heart, open home
Malone, L. K. Divided loyalties
Marks, Bailey Awakening in Asia
Marlowe, Monroe Creative Bible learning for adults
Marquardt, Mervin A. Jesus' second family
Marsh, Charles The challenge of Islam
Marshall, Catherine Beyond our selves
Marshall, Catherine The bridge to Cutter Gap
Marshall, Catherine Christy
Marshall, Catherine Christy
Marshall, Catherine The helper
Marshall, Catherine Julie
Marshall, Catherine A man called Peter
Marshall, Catherine Meeting God at every turn
Marshall, Catherine Silent superstitions
Marshall, Catherine Something more
Marshall, Catherine To live again
Marshall, Peter The light and the glory
Marshner, Connie Can motherhood survive?
Martin, Dorothy Light at the top of the stairs
Martin, Walter A. The kingdom of the cults
Martinusen, Cindy The salt garden
Mason, Mike The gospel according to Job
Mason, Mike The mystery of marriage
Massi, Jeri Abandoned
Massi, Jeri A dangerous game
Massi, Jeri Derwood, inc.
Massi, Jeri Treasure in the Yukon
Massie, Bob Mortal intent
Massy, Craig Northwoods romance
Matthews, Leonard Abraham's journeys
Matthews, Leonard A cure for Naaman
Matthews, Leonard The fall of Jericho
Matthews, Leonard Jesus the shepherd
Matthews, Leonard Jesus's wonderful miracles
Matthews, Leonard Jonah
Matthews, Leonard Joseph and his brothers
Matthews, Leonard The journeys of St. Paul
Matthews, Leonard Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate
Matthews, Leonard The sermon on the mount
Matthews, Leonard The story of Ruth
Matthews, Leonard Wise Solomon
Maxwell, John C. Breakthrough parenting
Mayhall, Jack Discipleship: the price and the prize
Mayhall, Jack Marriage takes more than love
Mayhue, Richard A Christian's survival guide
Mayhue, Richard Divine healing today
Mayhue, Richard How to interpret the Bible for yourself
Mead, Frank S. Handbook of denominations in the United Sta
Mean, Pat The mystical maze
Mears, Henrietta C. What the Bible is all about
Meier, Paul The third millenium
Meier, Paul D. Christian child-rearing and personality dev
Melendez, Tony A gift of hope
Meredith, J. L. Meredith's book of Bible lists
Meroff, Deborah Coronation of glory
Meroff, Deborah Coronation of glory, the story of Lady Jane
Meroff, Deborah The touch of the master
Merrill, Dean Together at home
Metzger, Bruce M. The New Testament
Metzger, Will Tell the truth
Meyer, F. B. Five musts of the Christian life
Meyer, F. B. Great thoughts from the Upper Room
Meyer, Nathan M. Noah's ark, pitched and parked
Milburn, Joyce The natural childbirth book
Miller, Basil Charles Finney
Miller, Basil John Wesley
Miller, Calvin The finale
Miller, Calvin The Philippian fragment
Miller, Calvin The singer
Miller, Calvin The song
Miller, Calvin The table of inwardness
Miller, Carolyn Paine Captured!
Miller, J. M. T. The big lie
Miller, William M. A Christian's response to Islam
Millheim, John E. Let Rome speak for herself
Mings, Lonnie C. The pure land
Minirth, Frank How to beat burnout
Minirth, Frank Love hunger
Minirth, Frank 100 ways to overcome depression
Minirth, Frank B. Happiness is a choice
Minshull, Evelyn And then the rain came
Mishica, Clare The penguin's big win
Missler, Chuck The sword of Allah
Mitsch, Raymond R. Grieving the loss of someone you love
Montgomery, John Warwick History and Christianity
Moore, Raymond Home style teaching
Moore, Walter L. Courage and confidence from the Bible
Morgan, Elisa Twinkle
Morgan, Elisa What every child needs
Morgan, G. Campbell God's last word to man
Morgan, John S. You can't manage alone
Morgan, Kathleen All good gifts
Morgan, Robert J. Then sings my soul
Morison, Frank Who moved the stone?
Morley, Patrick The man in the mirror
Morley, Patrick Ten secrets for the man in the mirror
Morris, Gilbert The captive bride
Morris, Gilbert The crossed sabres
Morris, Gilbert The Dixie widow
Morris, Gilbert The exiles
Morris, Gilbert The eyes of Texas
Morris, Gilbert The final adversary
Morris, Gilbert The gate of heaven
Morris, Gilbert The gentle rebel
Morris, Gilbert The glorious prodigal
Morris, Gilbert God's handmaiden
Morris, Gilbert The holy warrior
Morris, Gilbert The honorable imposter
Morris, Gilbert The indentured heart
Morris, Gilbert The jeweled spur
Morris, Gilbert Jordan's star
Morris, Gilbert The last confederate
Morris, Gilbert The reluctant bridegroom
Morris, Gilbert The rough rider
Morris, Gilbert The saintly buccaneer
Morris, Gilbert The shining badge
Morris, Gilbert The silent harp
Morris, Gilbert The silver star
Morris, Gilbert Till Shiloh comes
Morris, Gilbert A time of war
Morris, Gilbert A time to build
Morris, Gilbert A time to laugh
Morris, Gilbert The Union belle
Morris, Gilbert The valiant gunman
Morris, Gilbert The virtuous woman
Morris, Gilbert The wounded Yankee
Morris, Gilbert The Yukon queen
Morris, Harold Twice pardoned
Morris, Lynn A city not forsaken
Morris, Lynn Island of the innocent
Morris, Lynn The moon by night
Morris, Lynn Secret place of thunder
Morris, Lynn Shadow of the mountains
Morris, Lynn The stars for a light
Morris, Lynn Toward the sunrising
Morrisey, Tom Turn four
Morrow, Honore Willsie Splendor of God
Mortenson, Vernon I will build my church
Moser, Nancy The seat beside me
Mueller, Virginia Jacob's ladder
Muggeridge, Malcom Jesus, the man who lives
Munce, Robert Grace Livingston Hill
Murray, Andrew Abide in Christ
Murray, Andrew How to raise your children for Christ
Murray, Andrew Key to the missionary problem
Murray, Andrew With Christ in the school of prayer
Myers, Bill The deceived
Myers, Bill My life as a bigfoot breath mint
Myers, Bill My life as a human hairball
Myers, Bill My life as a human hockey puck
Myers, Bill My life as a screaming skydiver
Myers, Bill My life as a skysurfing skateboarder
Myers, Bill My life as a toasted time traveler
Myers, Bill My life as a walrus whoopee cushion
Myers, Bill My life as alien monster bait
Myers, Bill My life as reindeer roadkill
Myers, Bill The society
Myers, Bill Soul tracker
Myers, Bill The spell
Myers, Bryand L. The changing shape of world mission
Narramore, Clyde M. Encyclopedia of psychological problems
Narramore, Clyde M. Understanding your children
Narramore, Clyde M. A woman's world
Nash, Ronald Choosing a college
National Geographic Soc. Everyday life in Bible times
Nee, Watchman The normal Christian life
Nee, Watchman Sit, walk, stand
Needham, David C. Birthright
Neely, Lois Fire in his bones
Nesbit, Jeff The legend of the great grizzly
Nesbit, Jeff Setting the trap
Newman, Robert C. What's Darwin got to do with it?
Nicoll, W. Robertson The sermon outline Bible (1st Peter - Revel
Noble, Diane The last storyteller
Nordbert, Bette A season of grace
Nordtvedt, Matilda Living beyond depression
Northcott, Cecil South seas sailor
Numbers, Ronald The creationists
Nygaard, Reuel Tradegy to triumph
Nystrom, Carolyn Before I was born
O'Connor, Karen 52 ways to be a better step-parent
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. The other Jesus
Ogilvie, Lloyd John Ask him anything
Ogilvie, Lloyd John God's transforming love
Oke, Janette Another homecoming
Oke, Janette The beloved land
Oke, Janette Beyond the gathering storm
Oke, Janette The birthright
Oke, Janette The birthright
Oke, Janette The bluebird and the sparrow
Oke, Janette A bride for Donnigan
Oke, Janette The calling of Emily Evans
Oke, Janette Dana's valley
Oke, Janette The distant beacon
Oke, Janette A gown of Spanish lace
Oke, Janette Heart of the wilderness
Oke, Janette Julia's last hope
Oke, Janette Like gold refined
Oke, Janette Love comes softly
Oke, Janette Love takes wing/Love finds a home
Oke, Janette Love's abiding joy
Oke, Janette Love's enduring promise
Oke, Janette Love's long journey
Oke, Janette Love's undending legacy
Oke, Janette Love's unfolding dream
Oke, Janette The matchmakers
Oke, Janette The measure of a heart
Oke, Janette The meeting place
Oke, Janette Nana's gift
Oke, Janette Once upon a summer/ The winds of autumn
Oke, Janette Quiet places, warm thoughts
Oke, Janette A quiet strength
Oke, Janette The red geranium
Oke, Janette Return to harmony
Oke, Janette Roses for Mama
Oke, Janette The sacred shore
Oke, Janette Spring's gentle promise
Oke, Janette Spunky's first Christmas
Oke, Janette The tender years
Oke, Janette They called her Mrs. Doc
Oke, Janette Tomorrow's dream
Oke, Janette Too long a stranger
Oke, Janette Trouble in a fur coat
Oke, Janette When breaks the dawn
Oke, Janette When calls the heart
Oke, Janette When comes the spring
Oke, Janette When hope springs new
Oke, Janette When tomorrow comes
Oke, Janette Winter is not forever
Oke, Janette A woman named Damaris
Olsen, Mark Andrews The assignment
Olsen, Viggo Daktar, diplomat in Bangaladesh
Olson, Bruce E. Bruchko
Olson, C. Gordon What in the world is God doing?
Olthuis, James H. I pledge you my troth
Omartian, Stormie The power of a praying parent
O'Mathuna, Donal Alternative medicine the Christian handbook
Orr, J. Edwin The role of prayer in spiritual awakening
Ortlund, Anne Disciplines of the beautiful woman
Ortlund, Anne Disciplines of the heart
Ortlund, Anne Fix your eyes on Jesus
Ortlund, Anne You don't have to quit
Osborne, Cecil The art of understanding your mate
Osborne, Cecil The art of understanding yourself
Osburn Jr., William A Hebrew and English lexicon to the Old Tes
Ostenson, Robert J. God's happy family
Otto, Donna Finding your purpose as a mom
Packer, J. I. Evangelism & the sovreignty of God
Packer, J. I. Knowing God
Packer, J. I. The Ten Commandments
Page, Carole Gift Never ashamed
Palau, Luis The moment to shout, God's way to face wall
Palmer, Catherine Fatal harvest
Palmer, Catherine The loved one
Palmer, Catherine Wild heather
Pape, Dorothy R. In search for God's ideal woman
Paris, Twila In this sanctuary
Parkhurst, Jr., L. G. Francis and Edith Schaeffer
Parkhurst Jr., Louis G. Francis Schaeffer, the man and his message
Parlier, Jaki Poking holes in the darkness
Passantino, Robert Answers to the cultist at your door
Paton, John G. Thirty years with South Sea cannibals
Payne, Leanne The broken image
Payne, Thomas Prayer-the greatest force on earth
Pazmino, Robert W. Foundational issues in Christian education
Peace, Martha Becoming a Titus 2 woman
Pearcy, Nancy Total truth: liberating Christianity from i
Peart, Jane Orphan train west collection
Peart, Jane Valiant bride
Pederson, Caryn Batik, a glimpse of the heart
Peel, Kathy A mother's manual for schoolday survival
Pella, Judith The dawning of deliverance
Pella, Judith Frontier lady
Pella, Judith Heirs of the motherland
Pella, Judith Homeward my heart
Pella, Judith Somewhere a song
Pella, Judith Toward the sunrise
Pella, Judith Written on the wind
Pentecost, J. Dwight A harmony of the words and works of Jesus C
Peretti, Frank Piercing the darkness
Peretti, Frank E. Prophet
Peretti, Frank E. This present darkness
Peretti, Frank E. This present darkness
Peretti, Frank E. Tilly
Peters, Dan Rock's hidden persuader: the truth about ba
Peters, Dan Why knock rock?
Peters, Dan & Steve Why knock rock?
Petersen, J. Allan For men only
Petersen, Jim Church without walls
Petersen, Jim Living proof
Petersen, William J. Another hand on mine
Peterson, J. Allan The myth of the greener grass
Peterson, Jim Living proof
Peterson, Tracie Across the years
Peterson, Tracie Angel of mercy
Peterson, Tracie Angels flight
Peterson, Tracie Beneath a harvest sky
Peterson, Tracie City of angels
Peterson, Tracie The coming storm
Peterson, Tracie Daughter of the loom
Peterson, Tracie A fragile design
Peterson, Tracie The hope within
Peterson, Tracie Land of my heart
Peterson, Tracie A love woven true
Peterson, Tracie The pattern of her heart
Peterson, Tracie Shadows of the canyon
Peterson, Tracie Silent star
Peterson, Tracie Summer of the midnight sun
Peterson, Tracie A tapestry of hope
Peterson, Tracie These tangled threads
Peterson, Tracie Tidings of peace
Peterson, Tracie To dream anew
Peterson, Tracie Yukon quest
Petty, Jo Golden praises
Pfeiffer, Charles F. The Wycliffe Bible commentary
Phillips, J. B. Your God is too small
Phillips, Michael The crown and the crucible
Phillips, Michael Depths of destiny
Phillips, Michael Flight from Stonewycke
Phillips, MIchael Grayfox
Phillips, Michael The heather hills of Stonewycke
Phillips, MIchael Heathersleigh homecoming
Phillips, Michael A home for the heart
Phillips, Michael A house divided
Phillips, Michael Into the long dark night
Phillips, Michael Jamie MacLeod, highland lass
Phillips, Michael The lady of Stonewycke
Phillips, Michael Land of the brave and the free
Phillips, Michael My father's world/ Daughter of grace
Phillips, Michael On the trail of the truth
Phillips, Michael A place in the sun
Phillips, Michael Robbie Taggart, highland sailor
Phillips, Michael Sea to shining sea
Phillips, Michael Shadows over Stonewycke
Phillips, Michael Stranger at Stonewycke
Phillips, Michael Travail and triumph
Phillips, Michael Treasure of Stonewycke
Phillips, MIchael Wild grows the heather in Devon
Phillips, Phil 52 things for your kids to do instead of wa
Pierce, Chonda It's always darkest before the fun comes up
Pink, Arthur W. Gleanings from the Scriptures
Pink, Arthur W. Gleanings in Genesis
Pink, Arthur W. The sovereignty of God
Pink, Arthur W. Spiritual growth
Pinnock, Clark H. A defense of biblical infallibility
Piper, John Future grace
Piper, John A hunger for God
Pippert, Rebecca Manley Out of the saltshaker and into the world
Pirolo, Neal Serving as senders
Plymouth Rock Foundation Biblical principles concerning issues of im
Pollock, J. C. Hudson Taylor and Maria
Pollock, John The man who shook the world
Pollock, John The master, a life of Jesus
Pollock, John C. A foreign devil in China
Poole, Matthew A commentary on the Holy Bible, vol. I
Poole, Matthew A commentary on the Holy Bible, vol. II
Poole, Matthew A commentary on the Holy Bible, vol. III
Popov, Haralan Tortured for his faith
Potterbaum, Charlene Thanks Lord, I needed that!
Potterfield Pond Hurry up Tuck!
Powell, John Abortion: the silent holocaust
Powell, Terry You can lead a Bible discussion group
Pratney, Winkie The Thomas factor
Prentiss, Elizabeth Stepping heavenward
Price, Eugenia Before the darkness falls
Price, Eugenia The beloved invader
Price, Eugenia Lighthouse
Price, Eugenia No pat answers
Price, Eugenia Savannah
Price, Eugenia Stranger in Savannah
Price, Eugenia To see your face again
Price, Eugenia The waiting time
Price, Eugenia What really matters
Rainey, Dennis The questions book for marriage intimacy
Rand, Ron For fathers who aren't in heaven
Raney, Deborah A nest of sparrows
Raney, Deborah Playing by heart
Raney, Deborah A scarlet cord
Rasooli, Jay M. Dr. Sa'eed of Iran
Rausch, David A. A legacy of hatred
Rausch, David A. The Middle East maze
Ravenhill, Leonard Why revival tarries
Rayburn III, Jim Dance, children, dance
Reader's Digest Atlas of the Bible
Reader's Digest Great people of the Bible and how they live
Reader's Digest Jesus and his times
Reader's Digest Jesus and his times
Reamer, Judy Feelings women rarely share
Reapsome, Jim The changing face of world evangelization
Redpath, Alan Victorious praying
Reece, Colleen L. Inspirational romance reader
Reed, David A. Jehovah's witnesses answered verse by verse
Reese, Ed The life and ministry of Fanny Crosby
Rehwinkel, Alfred M. The flood
Reicke, Bo The New Testament era, 500 B.C. - A.D. 100
Reid, William The precious blood of Christ
Reilly, Stanley R. The prize
Reinsma, Carol The secret of the ring in the offering
Richards, Larry The complete Christian
Richards, Larry How I can experience God
Richards, Larry How I can make decisions
Richards, Larry Pass it on
Richards, Lawrence O. Youth ministry
Richardson, Arleta In grandma's attic
Richardson, Don Eternity in their hearts
Richardson, Don Peace child
Rickerson, Wayne E. Good times for your family
Ridenour, Fritz How to be a Christian in an unchristian wor
Ridenour, Fritz How to be a Christian without being religio
Ridenour, Fritz So what's the difference?
Riggs, Charlie Learning to walk with God
Rinehart, Stacy Living for what really matters
Ring, David Just as I am
Rivers, Francine and the shofar blew
Rivers, Francine As sure as the dawn
Rivers, Francine The atonement child
Rivers, Francine An echo in the darkness
Rivers, Francine The last sin eater
Rivers, Francine Leota's garden
Rivers, Francine The priest
Rivers, Francine Redeeming love
Rivers, Francine The scarlet thread
Rivers, Francine Unashamed
Rivers, Francine Unveiled
Rivers, Francine A voice in the wind
Roberts, W. Dayton Mission handbook
Robinson, Haddon W. Biblical preaching
Robinson, Haddon W. Grief
Rogers, Dale Evans The woman at the well
Rogers, Jean Scott In search of St. Paul
Roper, David A beacon in the darkness
Roque, Ilow The immortal
Rose, Darlene Deibler Evidence not seen
Rosen, Moishe Y'shua
Rosenthal, Marvin J. Not without design
Rosenthal, Stanley One God or three
Rosenthal, Stanley One God or three?
Roseveare, Helen M. Living sacrifice
Ross, Hugh Creation and time
Ross, Hugh The Creator and the cosmos
Ross, Hugh The Genesis question
Ross, Hugh Journey toward creation
Ross, Hugh A matter of days
Rossi, Sandra Barlow God's city in the jungle
Rowley, William J. Equipped to care
Rue, Nancy The ally
Rue, Nancy The prisoner
Rush, John The man with a bird on his head
Rushford, Patricia The help, hope and cope book
Rushford, Patricie Deadly aim
Ryan, Joseph A. Loving again
Ryle, J. C. Expository thoughts on the Gospels, vol. I
Ryle, J. C. Expository thoughts on the Gospels, vol. II
Ryle, J. C. Expository thoughts on the Gospels, vol. II
Ryle, J. C. Expository thoughts on the Gospels, vol. IV
Ryle, John Charles A call to holiness
Ryle, John Charles Practical religion
Ryrie, Charles C. A survey of Bible doctrine
Ryrie, Charles Caldwell Dispensationalism today
Salerno, Tony The Bible, the amazing book
Samples, Kenneth Richard Without a doubt
Samples, Kenneth Richard A world of difference
Samson, Lisa Club sandwich
Sande, Ken The peacemaker
Sanders, Bill What teens need most from their parents
Sanders, Harland The incredible colonel
Sanders, J. Oswald Facing loneliness
Sanders, J. Oswald The incomparable Christ
Sanders, J. Oswald Just like us
Sanders, J. Oswald Prayer power unlimited
Sanders, J. Oswald Spiritual leadership
Scammon, John H. Proverbs: good advice for good living
Schaeffer, Edith Hidden art
Schaeffer, Edith What is a family?
Schaeffer, Francis A Christian manifesto
Schaeffer, Francis Death in the city
Schaeffer, Francis No final conflict .
Schaeffer, Francis True spirituality
Schaeffer, Francis Who is for peace?
Schaeffer, Francis A. How should we then live?
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. I
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. II
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. III
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. IV
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. V
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. VI
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. VII
Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, vol. VIII
Scheck, Joann Two men in the temple
Scheck, Joann The water that caught fire
Scheer, David W. PG, a parental guide to rock
Schlener, Paul Port of two brothers
Schnell, William J. 30 years a Watchtower slave
Schulte, Elaine Becky's brainstorm
Schulte, Elaine Eternal passage
Schulte, Elaine Eternal passage/With wings as eagles
Schulte, Elaine Golden dreams
Schulte, Elaine The journey west
Schulte, Elaine L. Cara's beach party disaster
Schulte, Elaine L. Jess and the fireplug caper
Schulte, Elaine L. Off to a new start
Schulte, Elaine L. Tricia's got T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
Schultz, Samuel J. Deuteronomy
Schultz, Samuel J. Leviticus
Schultz, Samuel J. Old Testament survey: law and history
Schunk, Laurel The voice he loved
Scotland, Nigel The Baker guide to new religions
Seamands, David Healing for damaged emotions
Seamands, David A. Putting away childish things
Sedgwick, Carolyn When mothers must work
Sell, Charles M. Transition
Sempangi, F. Kefa A distant grief
Shea, George Beverly How sweet the sound
Shea, George Beverly Then sings my soul/Songs that lift the hear
Shedd, Charlie W. Letters to Karen
Sheldon, Charles M. In his steps
Shelley, Bruce L. Church history in plain language
Shelley, Marshall Keeping your kids Christian
Shelley, Marshall Well-intentioned dragons
Sherrill, John Mother's song
Showers, Renald Daniel
Showers, Renald E. What on earth is God doing?
Sider, Ronald J. Rich Christians in an age of hunger
Silverman, Maida My Bible alphabet
Simon, Mary Manz How to parent your tweenager
Simon, Mary Manz Little visits with Jesus
Sire, James The joy of reading
Sire, James W. Scripture twisting
Sire, James W. The universe next door
Sjogren, Bob Unveiled at last
Skinner, Tom How black is the Gospel?
Skoglund, Elizabeth R. Found faithful
Smalley, Gary The gift of the blessing
Smalley, Gary The key to your child's heart
Smalley, Gary The language of love
Smalley, Gary The language of love
Smalley, Gary Love is a decision
Smalley, Gary The two sides of love
Smalley, Gary The two sides of love
Smedes, Lewis B. Forgive and forget
Smith, Annette A town called Ruby Prairie
Smith, Blaine Knowing God's will
Smith, Chuck Charisma vs. charismania
Smith, Chuck Evolution: from physics to metaphysics
Smith, Chuck The gospel according to grace
Smith, F. LaGard Out on a broken limb
Smith, Hannah Whitall A Christian's secret of a happy life
Smith, Michael W. Old enough to know
Smith, Virginia Watts The single parent
Smith, Wilbur M. Therefore, stand
Smith, William Smith's Bible dictionary
Smoke, Jim Growing through divorce
Snelling, Lauraine Amethyst
Snelling, Lauraine Opal
Snelling, Lauraine Pearl
Snelling, Lauraine Ruby
Soderholm, Marjorie Explaining salvation to children
Soward, Jim; etc. Church ministries II
Soward, Jim; etc. Church ministries IV
Soward, Jim; etc. Church ministries V
Sparks, Judith Ann Christmas programs for the church, no. 17
Speck, Greg Living for Jesus when the party's over
Spence, Annette Campus bound!
Speshock, Phyllis The voice of my beloved
Sproul, R. C. The glory of Christ
Spurgeon, Charles The power of prayer in a believer's life
Spurgeon, Charles H. Commenting and commentaries
Spurgeon, Charles H. The treasury of David
St. Clair, Barry Dating, picking (and being) a winner
St. John, Patricia If you love me
St. John, Patricia Rainbow garden
St. John, Patricia The runaway
St. John, Patricia The secret at Pheasant Cottage
St. John, Patricia Star of light
St. John, Patricia The tanglewood's secret
St. John, Patricia Three go searching
St. John, Patricia Treasures of the snow
Stadtler, Catherine Desired haven
Stafford, Tim A love story
Stahl, Hilda The boning knife
Stahl, Hilda The covenant
Stahl, Hilda The inheritance
Stanley, Charles How to keep your kids on your team
Stanley, Charles Listening to God
Stanley, Charles The secret of my strength
Stanley, Charles Understanding eternal security
Stanley, Charles Well done, God's pathway to biblical stewar
Stanley, Charles F. Confronting casual Christianity
Stedman, Ray Acts 1-12, birth of the body
Stedman, Ray C. Highlights of the Bible-Genesis to Nehemiah
Stedman, Ray C. Highlights of the Bible-poets and prophets
Stedman, Ray C. How to live what you believe
Stedman, Ray C. Solomon's secret
Steinbron, Melvin J. Can the pastor do it alone?
Stephens, William H. Prophet of fire
Sterrett, T. Norton How to understand your Bible
Steven, Hugh The man with the noisy heart
Steven, Hugh Night of the long knives
Steven, Hugh They dared to be different
Steven, Hugh A thousand trails
Steven, Hugh What a difference a team makes!
Steven, Hush Behind the story
Stewart, Ed Here comes Jesus
Stewart, Kay Chariots of dawn
Stion, Rebekah Sam, a special puppy
Stokes, Penelope J. The memory book
Stone, Bob The dating dilemma
Stoop, David Living with a perfectionist
Stormer, John A. Growing up God's way
Stott, John R. W. The authentic Jesus
Stott, John R. W. Basic Christianity
Stott, John R. W. Christian mission in the modern world
Stott, John R. W. The message of Ephesians
Stowell, Joseph M. Following Christ
Stowers, Carlton Happy trails
Strandberg, Arlene B., ed Leadership library for children's ministrie
Strauch, Alexander Biblical eldership
Strauss, Lehman Demons yes--but thank God for good angels
Strauss, Lehman In God's waiting room
Strauss, Richard L. Win the battle for your mind
Strobel, Alison Worlds collide
Strobel, Lee The case for a creator
Strobel, Lee The case for a creator for kids
Strobel, Lee The case for a creator, student edition
Strobel, Lee The case for Christ
Strobel, Lee The case for Christ for kids
Strobel, Lee The case for Christ, student edition
Strobel, Lee The case for faith
Strobel, Lee The case for faith for kids
Strobel, Lee The case for faith, student edition
Strobel, Lee Inside the mind of unchurched Harry and Mar
Strobel, Lee Off my case for kids
Strong, James The exhaustive concordance of the Bible
Sullivan, Barbara The control trap
Sutton, Rosalind Moses the leader
Swindoll, Charles Christ at the crossroads
Swindoll, Charles Growing deep in the Christian life
Swindoll, Charles Growing wise in family life
Swindoll, Charles Living above the level of mediocrity
Swindoll, Charles The quest for character
Swindoll, Charles R. Behold the man!
Swindoll, Charles R. Come before winter and...share my hope
Swindoll, Charles R. Dropping your guard
Swindoll, Charles R. Flying closer to the flame
Swindoll, Charles R. Great stories from Old Testament lives
Swindoll, Charles R. Growing strong in the seasons of life
Swindoll, Charles R. The growth of an expanding mission
Swindoll, Charles R. Improving your serve
Swindoll, Charles R. Laugh again
Swindoll, Charles R. Living beyond the daily grind, book 1
Swindoll, Charles R. Living beyond the daily grind, book 2
Swindoll, Charles R. Living on the ragged edge
Swindoll, Charles R. Simple faith
Swindoll, Charles R. Spiritual gifts
Swindoll, Charles R. The strength of an exacting passion
Swindoll, Charles R. Strengthening your grip
Swindoll, Charles R. Strike the original match
Swindoll, Charles R. The strong family: growing wise in family l
Swindoll, Charles R. Three steps forward, two steps back
Swindoll, Charles R. You and your child
Swindoll, Luci Wide my world, narrow my bed
Tada, Joni Eareckson Choices...changes
Tada, Joni Eareckson Joni's story
Tada, Joni Eareckson Meet my friends
Tada, Joni Eareckson Secret strength...for those who search
Tada, Joni Eareckson When God weeps
Tada, Joni Eareckson When is it right to die?
Talley, Jim Reconcilable differences
Tam, Stanley God owns my business
Tanneberg, Ward Vanished
Tassell, Paul Sweeter than honey
Taylor, Helen L. Little pilgrim's progress
Taylor, Howard Hudson Taylor's spiritual secret
Taylor, Kenneth N. The Bible in pictures for little eyes
Taylor, Linda K. Does God care if I can't pay my bills?
Taylor, Tom The sin bearer
Tchividjian, Gigi Graham Thank you, Lord, for my home
Teaff, Grant Winning: it's how you play the game
Telchin, Stan Betrayed!
Temple Jr., Gray 52 ways to help homeless people
Temple, Todd Answers to everything
Ten Boom, Corrie Amazing love
Ten Boom, Corrie The hiding place
Ten Boom, Corrie In my father's house
Ten Boom, Corrie Not I, but Christ
Ten Boom, Corrie Prison letters
Ten Boom, Corrie Tramp for the Lord
Tenney, Tommy Hadassah
Thoene, Bodie Danzig passage
Thoene, Bodie A daughter of Zion
Thoene, Bodie First light
Thoene, Bodie The gates of Zion
Thoene, Bodie Jerusalem interlude
Thoene, Bodie The key to Zion
Thoene, Bodie A light in Zion
Thoene, Bodie Munich signature
Thoene, Bodie Prague counterpoint
Thoene, Bodie The return to Zion
Thoene, Bodie Say to this mountain
Thoene, Bodie Second touch
Thoene, Bodie A thousand shall fall
Thoene, Bodie A thousand shall fall
Thoene, Bodie Twilight of courage
Thoene, Bodie Vienna prelude
Thoene, Bodie Warsaw requiem
Thoene, Brock Gold rush prodigal
Thoene, Brock The man from Shadow Ridge
Thoene, Brock Riders of the silver rim
Thoene, Brock Sequoia scout
Thomas, Cal Book burning
Thomas, D. Winton Documents from Old Testament times
Thomas, Jacquelin How sweet the sound
Thomas, Robert L. The NIV harmony of the Gospels
Thomas, W. H. Griffith Studies in Colossians and Philemon
Thomas, W. Ian If I perish I perish
Thomas, W. Ian The saving life of Christ
Timmons, Tim Call it love or call it quits
Timmons, Tim Hooked on life
Tippit, Sammy Worthy of worship
Tolstoy, Leo The visitor
Towns, Elmer L. Evangelize thru Christian education
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for today
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 1&2
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 11&12
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 13
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 3&4
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 5&6
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 7&8
Towns, Elmer L. Theology for Today DVDs 9&10
Tozer, A. W. Christ the eternal son
Tozer, A. W. I call it heresy
Tozer, A. W. The knowledge of the holy
Tozer, A. W. The pursuit of God
Tozer, A. W. The root of the righteous
Tozer, A. W. That incredible Christian
Tozer, A. W. A treasury of A. W. Tozer
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Esther
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson John, son of thunder
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Jonah
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Joshua, God's warrior
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Moses the deliverer
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Noah
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson The priest
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Ruth, a love story
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Samson
Traylor, Ellen Gunderson Song of Abraham
Trent, John Parent's guide to the spiritual growth of c
Triggs, Kathy Charles Spurgeon
Tripp, Tedd Shepherding a child's heart
Trobisch, Ingrid The joy of being a woman and what a man can
Trobisch, Walter I married you
Trout, Mike Off the air
Tsai, Christiana Christiana Tsai
Tsai, Christiana Queen of the dark chamber
Tucker, Ruth A. Private lives of pastors' wives
Unger, Merrill Frederick The new Unger's Bible handbook
Van Impe, Jack Alcohol: the beloved enemy
Van Impe, Jack 11:59... and counting
Van Impe, Jack Great salvation themes
Van Impe, Jack Heart disease in Christ's body
Van Impe, Jack Revelation revealed
Van Impe, Rexella The tender touch
VanAtta, Lucibel Women encouraging women
Vanauken, Sheldon A severe mercy
Vander Laan, Raynard That the world may know, faith lessons 1-5
Vander Laan, Raynard That the world may know, faith lessons 6-10
VanStone, Dorie No place to cry
VanStone, Doris Dorie, the girl nobody loved
Varner, William Jacob's dozen
Veerman, David R. 101 questions children ask about God
Veggie Tales Are you my neighbor?
Veggie Tales Dave and the giant pickle
Veggie Tales Esther, the girl who became queen ***MISS
Veggie Tales God wants me to forgive them?
Veggie Tales Jonah
Veggie Tales Josh and the big wall
Veggie Tales King George and the ducky
Veggie Tales Larryboy and the fib from outer space!
Veggie Tales Larryboy and the rumor weed
Veggie Tales Larryboy, the angry eyebrows
Veggie Tales Lyle the kindly viking
Veggie Tales Madame Blueberry
Veggie Tales Rack, Shack and Benny
Veggie Tales The toy that saved Christmas
Veggie Tales "Where's God when I'm scared?"
Verwer, George No turning back
Verwer, George Revolution of love and balance
Vincent, Eileen C. T. Studd and Priscilla
Vine, W. E. Isaiah
Vine, W. E. Vine's expository dictionary of New Testame
Vines, Jerry God speaks today
Visser, Barney Chad
Voorhees, Elizabeth C. Is love lost?
Vos, Howard F. Can I trust the Bible?
Wagner, C. Peter Effective body building
Wagner, C. Peter Your spiritual gifts
Waite, Michael P. Handy-dandy helpful Hal
Wall, Wilma Forbidden
Wallis, Ethel E. Two thousand tongues to go
Wallis, Ethel Emily The Dayuma story
Walsh, Sheila Holding on to heaven with hell on your back
Walton, John H. The IVP Bible background commentary - Old T
Walvoord, John F. Armageddon, oil and the Middle East crisis
Walvoord, John F. The Bible knowledge commentary-Old Testamen
Walvoord, John F. The church in prophecy
Walvoord, John F. Every prophecy of the Bible
Walvoord, John F. Israel in prophecy
Walvoord, John F. The nations in prophecy
Wangerin Jr., Walter As for me and my house
Ward, Charles G. The Billy Graham Christian workers handbook
Ward, Waylon O. The Bible in counseling
Warren, Neil Clark Finding the love of your life
Warren, Rick Dynamic Bible study methods
Warren, Rick The purpose-driven life
Warren, Susan May Happily ever after
Warren, Susan May The perfect match
Washington Bible College Bible prophecy
Washington Bible College Revealing Revelation
Waters, Ethel To me it's wonderful
Watson, David Discipleship
Watson Jr., Tom Don't bet on it
Watson, Patricia L. A missions carol
Webb, Lance Escape from Ephesus
Webb, Lance Rebel and saint
Weber, Linda Mom, you're incredible
Webster, Douglas D. A passion for Christ
Weiss, G. Christian Insights into Bible times and customs
Welch, Reuben We really do need each other
Wells, Marian Colorado gold
Wells, Marian Jewel of promise
Wells, Marian Morning star
Wells, Marian Out of the crucible
Wells, Marian The silver highway
Wells, Marian Starlight, starbright
Wells, Marian The wedding dress
Wells, Marian The wishing star
Wells, Marian With this ring
Westing, Harold J. The super superintendent
Wheat, Ed The first years of forever
Wheat, Ed Intended for pleasure
Wheat, Ed Love life for every married couple
Whelchel, Mary The Christian working woman
Whitcomb Jr., John C. Darius the Mede
White, James R. The Roman Catholic controversy
White, Jerry Choosing plan A in a plan B world
White, Jerry The power of commitment
White, John Eros defiled
White, John The fight
White, John Flirting with the world
White, John Healing the wounded
White, Kathleen Amy Carmichael
White, Paul Famous monkey last words
Whitehead, Briar Unhindered power
Whiteman, Thomas When your son or daughter is going through
Whitlow, Robert The trial
Whitney, Donald S. Spiritual disciplines for the Christian lif
Whitson, Stephanie Grace Footprints on the horizon
Whitson, Stephanie Grace Secrets on the wind
Whitson, Stephanie Grace Watchers on the hill
Wick, Lori As time goes by
Wick, Lori Bamboo and lace
Wick, Lori City girl
Wick, Lori Every little thing about you
Wick, Lori A place called home/A song for Silas
Wick, Lori The princess
Wick, Lori The proposal
Wick, Lori The proposal
Wick, Lori The pursuit
Wick, Lori The rescue
Wick, Lori Sean Donovan
Wick, Lori A Texas sky
Wick, Lori The visitor
Wiebracht, Dean The world beyond your walls
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be alive
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be complete
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be confident
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be encouraged
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be faithful
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be God's guest: feasts of Leviticus 23
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be hopeful
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be loyal
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be mature
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be ready
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be real
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be rich
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be right
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be satisfied
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be what you are
Wiersbe, Warren W. Be wise
Wiersbe, Warren W. Don't lose your crown
Wiersbe, Warren W. Five secrets of living
Wiersbe, Warren W. From worry to worship
Wiersbe, Warren W. How to be a caring Christian
Wiersbe, Warren W. Meet yourself in the Psalms
Wiersbe, Warren W. Real worship
Wiersbe, Warren W. Something happens when churches pray
Wiersbe, Warren W. Walking with the giants
Wight, Fred H. Manners and customs of Bible lands
Wildmon, Donald E. The home invaders
Wilke, J. C. Abortion questions and answers
Wilkerson, David The cross and the switchblade
Williams, John The Holy Spirit lord and lifegiver
Williams, Pat Rekindled
Williams, Pat Twelve-part harmony
Williams, Rheinallt N. Faith, facts, history, science
Williamson, Nancy S. Where Jesus walked
Willis, Wesley R. 200 years-and still counting
Willmington, Sue; etc. Church ministries III
Wilson, Clifford Crash go the chariots
Wilson, Dorothy Clarke Dr. Ida
Wilson, Dorothy Clarke Take my hands
Wilson, Dorothy Clarke Ten fingers for God
Wilson, Earl D. Try being a teenager
Wilson, Geoffrey B. Romans
Wilson, T. W. The key to lasting joy
Wilson, William Wilson's Old Testament word studies
Wind, Crying Crying Wind
Winter, David Hereafter
Winter, Ralph D. Perspectives on the world Christian movemen
Wirt, Sherwood Eliot Passport to life city
Wise, Robert L. The scrolls of Edessa
Wise, Stephen W. Midnight
Wiseman, Neil B. Growing soul
Woods, B. W. Understanding suffering
Wooten, Marty No turning back, the letter to the Hebrews
Worcester Jr., J. H. David Livingstone
Worrell, George E. Meaningful moments with God
Wright, H. Norman Communication: key to your marriage
Wright, H. Norman The power of a parent's words
Wright, Rusty Beyond technique: unlocking the secret to l
Wright, Rusty How to unlock the secrets of love, sex and
Wubbels, Lance The bridge over Flatwillow Creek
Wubbels, Lance In the shadow of a secret
Wuest, Kenneth S. Great truths to live by in the Greek New Te
Wurmbrand, Richard Tortured for Christ
Wycliffe Bible Translatrs Any given day in the life of the Bible
Wyrtzen, David Raising worldy wise but innocent kids
Yaconelli, Mike Creative socials and special events
Yancey, Philip The Bible Jesus read
Yancey, Philip Disappointment with God
Yancey, Philip The Jesus I never knew
Yancey, Philip Soul survivor
Yancey, Philip What's so amazing about grace?
Yancey, Philip Where is God when it hurts
Yorkey, Mike Growing a healthy home
Young, Curt The least of these
Young, Ed From bad beginnings to happy endings
Youngblood, Ronald F. Exodus
Youssef, Michael He-ism versus me-ism
Youssef, Michael The voice
Zanchius, Jerom The doctrine of absolute predestination
Zetterson, Rolf Dr. Dobson, turning hearts toward home
Zimmerman, Martha Should I keep my baby?

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